Friday, May 15, 2009

Part 1 - Intro

Welcome to my blog! The purpose of this blog is to open a discussion about the future of gay bareback pornography (or for the more timid among you, gay bareback adult entertainment).

This is not a forum for discussions about the pros/cons or your personal feelings toward bareback sex. I have other venues for that type of discussion. Any posts that do not respect this requirement will be deleted.

I suppose the first thing I ought to do is introduce myself to those who do not already know me.
I’m Bareback Jack. Obviously that’s not my legal name, but it’s a moniker I have used since I first came on the barebacking scene in 1997. Since that time, the things I would count among my achievements are many:

  • I created one of the first internet hookup sites for the bareback community – now, the longest continually running website of its kind
  • I have acted as a community leader and voice of reason for our community
  • I was first to implement graphic HIV status icons for the personals section that allowed my website’s members to quickly and easily identify each other’s HIV status (so as to make better hookup choices for themselves)
  • I created the world’s first (and still only) website dedicated to educating the public about healthier practices when barebacking
  • I have crusaded against the use of crystal meth since the beginning, and was one of the first to notice and make public the connection between crystal meth use and new HIV infections
  • I was instrumental in bringing down Dr. Laura Schlesinger by creating a contact list of her advertisers and imploring others to write them in protest – an act which ultimately resulted in getting her national TV show canceled
  • I participated in the world’s first Phase III HIV vaccine trial
  • I created and ran the Annual Bareback Video Awards from 1999 through 2004 (more on that in a bit)
  • I created the concept for the first bareback reality video, "The World’s Hungriest Cumhole Contest", which I successfully pitched to Hot Desert Knights. Additionally I organized the selection of the contestants through my website and performed in the video
  • I have acted as second photographer on several bareback video shoots
  • I have interviewed bareback pornstars for a feature on my website (any of you BB pornstars want to be interviewed next???)
  • I provide space on my site for any and all companies who produce bareback videos to advertise their newest releases at no cost, and I have assisted many companies in promoting their videos
  • I have consulted several producers of bareback videos over the years to discuss their productions and the direction of the industry
  • And, I have watched a shitload of bareback porn

There may be some things I have forgotten at the moment, but these are perhaps my most important achievements over the past decade.

My association with the porn industry and my passion for the genre of gay bareback porn puts me in an advantageous position. I have been involved with bareback porn in many of its aspects since it first debuted, and I have watched with extreme interest the direction it has gone – noting its acmes and its shortcomings. The Annual Bareback Video Awards were devised as a means of promoting and legitimizing the genre back when only a literal handful of bareback video producers existed – those being Hot Desert Knights, Dick Wadd, Treasure Island Media, Puppy Productions, and Gaslamp Video (now SX). An underlying purpose of the BBVA was to act as a method to raise the bar in the industry and to inspire producers of bareback content to better their product through friendly competition.

Changes to law made by the Bush Administration made running the BBVA nearly impossible after 2004 and so the concept was shelved until a new and workable solution could be found. I have now found that solution, and so beginning this year (2009) I will be re-introducing the Annual BBVA in a new format to once again inspire video producers to continually upgrade and improve their content and reward them for their achivements.

Why am I driven to do that? Because, the state of bareback porn has stagnated for the most part. One has to look hard within the genre to find new and stimulating ideas. To put it plainly, the fantasy has gone out of the fantasy business. If bareback porn is to thrive again, big changes will be needed. Some will argue that the genre is indeed thriving because there is so much bareback porn being produced these days. I concur. There is a lot of bareback porn being produced these days… cheap, redundant, creatively malnourished bareback porn by the boxcarful. I will go into the reasons for this claim in my next installment. In the mean time, if you have any comments, please… let’s hear them!


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